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John, my innovations are not a dilusion, nobody in this space is using aero space epoxy resin with the resin infusion technique in a composite unibody (they put cutout scraps with wetlay, except Emerald guitars, those are very good), nobody has 0.6 millimeter thick carbon fiber bracings, nobody is using an aero space silicone heating blanket to post cure the matrix, the embedded soundboard is my own invention as well as a carbon fiber support frame, i am the first to bring QR codes on an instrument that you can scan, and it will take you to a dedicated website to authenticate your specific guitar. It will even have a 3d model of your specific instrument, that you can rotate and even view in virtual reality. The bridge component that holds the string ball ends is coming from under the soundboard so it`s impossible for the bridge to fly off. And then there is the proprietairy production system that allows 1 person to make 20 units per month so that`s 10 innovations right there, but i am only competing with myself. I try to make it as best as i can, i don`t care what companies are doing.

Will only reply to the first sentence in this answer;

Resin infusion is COMMON? "aero-space" epoxy resins?
My supplier has Boeing, Roushe Racing, Ford, etc. (Resin Services)
On bikes when I use high temp resin I get the "Boeing Military Spec"

Also did NOT see any of these design or build techniques used on previous prototypes.

Having a grand plan is GOOD, now implement it.

Thought your revolutionary IDEA was using carbon in the back, wood in the front.

I built one using the Stew-mac AAAA archtop plates and all wood (still use rosewood and ebony finger boards on most builds. (carbon boards feel like painted maple) compared to rosewood on a Fender, (to me).

Thought it should be "warmer, maybe more projection from the top vibrating more"
Sounded a "little" warmer but was not really any better or worse than a carbon top?
Takes longer to build and top cost way more.
Even started building a "dupli-carver".

It sold rather quickly on consignment. It was still thought the all-carbon builds were cooler and would move faster? Moved to Denver since so pulled everything from the MI stores that were not pre-paid.
Stores are more likely to move stuff they have paid for.
Consignment costs them nothing.

The rest are all design ideas that have to be exercised?
Like the "could have sold my last great invention for a million bucks" ???

Those plugs/molds were built in 2011.

"vacuum infusion/resin injection" is just another "process". Like any other there are pros and cons, takes more raw material/longer time to set up, etc.

Pros are; easy to place fibers where and how you want them, longer time to place, etc.

I only use vac. infusion on backs/sides/necks. Top plate is a standard wet lay-up and removes MORE resin so, better material to resin ratio.

Does NOT (by itself) in ANY WAY, make a better part.

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