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Originally Posted by Dane Johnson View Post
Can anyone speak to the value of this bundle? If so how was the learning curve?
Iím working on an album and wonder if itís worth my time and $$ to invest in.

At this stage I have about 12 songs of which most are complete.
I havenít used any EQ on any of them because Iím happy with the sound. It was painstaking to remove the boom from the guitar but did so by better technique and adjusting input levels. Iíve removed all of the clipping from each project.

Iím getting to the point where I want the songs to get closer to a finished product.

I have the Apollo Twin and have various plug ins for it:
LA-2A, Reverbsís, and other compression and limiters.
Iím trying to keep the organic sound from my guitars.
I don't see a "mastering" suite on their site. What plugs does it include?
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