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Default Why Is Music For Guitar Presented Upside-Down?

Somethings in music just seem odd. It's kind of silly and not really that big a deal but maybe someone can shed some light as to why it's shown this way.

The first string you hit when you strum a guitar is called the "sixth string" and the last string the "first string"

I know strumming happens in both directions but still, most folks strum downward first, then up.

To further confuse matters, the E string at the top is called the "bottom string" and the string on the bottom is called the "top string"

The graph below depicts the string at the top of the guitar on the bottom, so I reckon this explains why it's called the "bottom" string and the little E is called the "top".

But then it begs the question...
Why are chord graphs shown upside down?

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