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Originally Posted by mc1 View Post
cut to 3030, when the world has decided that Milli-Vanilli are the greatest literary genius' of all time - who saw that coming, but girl you know it's true!

Does longevity equate to quality? Often, but not always.
My point was not that “Longevity” determines quality. The primary reason Shakespeare’s (or whoever wrote those words attributed to Shakespeare) is still revered and relevant today, is that his works convey the human condition like no other works, consistently and artistically. Will the works we revere today, still hold that place with people of 2420? That is a significant measure of artistic worth, value or quality. Consider also that in his day, Shakespeare was playing to the his audience. He gave the what they wanted in the same way that’s Steven Spielberg does today. But again, as I mentioned before, it matters not unless what is cultural significant is what you gravitate to artistically. In other words if the music of Bob Dylan moves you today, then that is what matters. To put it perspective- when I was a youngster, the Beatles didn’t do much for me. Yet, most of the western world thought they were the greatest music ever. To me, that was The Who. And I still feel the same way. Yet, 400 years from now it is unlikely either will be still relevant. To that I say, so what!
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