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Originally Posted by ljguitar View Post
Hi mc1
I could not DISAGREE more.

You need to cover a writer's catalog (song or literature) in it's entirety, and in context to be able to measure why they are considered relevant, or poignant.

Dylan is not considered 'profound' or 'relevant' because he was popular. He has remained 'profound' and 'relevant' through many phases of society. His lyrics are amazing.

And we won't know for at least 404 years after he dies (that's where we are marking time with William Shakespeare's place in history in 2020)

I don't think lyricists are overrated at all.
Hi Lj,

But then we both need to read all of Shakespeare and all of Dylan to compare. I haven't read all of either.

I don't think I ever brought up popularity as a criteria. Dylan is profound and relevant.

Finally, my problem is with ranking Dylan up with Shakespeare, which isn't done by me. I don't have an issue with the time gap, since I'm just giving my opinion on the two, as those who rank him so highly have also done.
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