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Originally Posted by Mr. Jelly View Post
When you say there isn't much there I'm not sure what you are trying to say. What is much? Granted anybody can write a song. The popularity of a song does not mean it is any good. It just means it's popular and there can be many different reasons for that. The idea that some or many give something or somebody credit or whatever means just that. Many obviously don't. When I look at the result of an artists labor my personal litmus test is if I can do as well or better in expressing myself in the same way. If I think I can I feel I have a right to voice my opinion. If not I can only state whether I like it or not. But that's me ....
What I meant by "there isn't much there" is that a song is often pretty short. Remove the repetition and it can be a couple of verses and a chorus.

As Mycroft pointed out, some short works of poetry are very skillfully crafted, and so to use the length as a measure of quality maybe isn't the best.

I guess when I wrote that was thinking the work that went into Mr. Tambourine Man wasn't that much work. But it really isn't the length, it's the quality, although writing King Lear would take a lot of time. So perhaps we should compare Mr. Tambourine Man to Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening or something like that.
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