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Originally Posted by Feste View Post
All this comparison is a bit premature ... if any of these writers, regardless of the genre, form, etc. are still being read and/or listened to as Shakespeare still is today, then, Id say we have room to say they are of all time. Then again. Well never know. If it means something to you, that is the true measure today. I know there are things I listen to again and again and have for decades. Similarly, I also re-read certain authors works in the same manner. It makes no difference if others do.
cut to 3030, when the world has decided that Milli-Vanilli are the greatest literary genius' of all time - who saw that coming, but girl you know it's true!

Does longevity equate to quality? Often, but not always.

Clearly, I find deeper meaning and higher talent in prose and novels than I do in songs, but I'm not so sure it's all as subjective as you imply. There is definitely a consensus here that my thoughts about this are misguided, although I'm not convinced I'm getting them across as clearly as I'd wished.
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