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Originally Posted by Steve Berger View Post
Hi skitoolong

I appreciate your input. Since I posted I did find some OnSong YouTube videos that were helpful. And I can see it works best with plain text files.

I think my issue is more about getting my fairly extensive catalog of hard copy paper single sheet music and songs in song books into my iPad so they are better organized and more usable (easer to read etc).

If there is an alternative to 'scanning' them into my iMac then I would love to learn about it.
I think it depends on how you got them in the first place. Most of the paper I accumulated for my binders was from some online source anyway. So I just went back and found what it was and found the best means to put it on the Ipad. Many of the files which were not the best representation of a text file, I just copied/pasted into a new text file, made any adjustments, dumped it in drop box and away I went.

On some of the others where I had no great digital source, I just put the scans in for now and I'll deal with changing them over time, that is if I feel like it's necessary. For some , it's not because I've written on them, or have drawings, etc. So in those cases the PDF is a good thing.

I dump all manner of documents onto my Ipad for my new found learning journey. From OnSong, I can easily look at chord forms, charts of progressions I am working on, or diagrams I see that are useful.

Heck, I can even link a chord chart to a song on the Ipad from within OnSong and play along (which is my favorite way right now to learn to play up to speed)

The Ipad has made learning much more simplified for me.
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