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Originally Posted by Steve Berger View Post
Slight left turn here -

I'm a bit technically challenged in this area and need some help.

I have an iPad 2 and I would like to be able to use it to 'read' the sheet music I have that is in hard copy (for practicing etc)

Would OnSong enable me to do that? I'd appreciate it if someone would explain the process or direct me to an online tutorial.

I'm probably off-base here but I'm thinking I would have to scan the sheet music into my iMac and then email and open up the document on my iPad. If I had OnSong or another software program I'm not certain what that adds and would I need to have Adobe Acrobat to create PDFs?

As you can see I'm over my head here.

I'm a new onsong user, and yes it can do what you are asking. But the real power of the software comes when you are not reading PDF's. Using a text import and adhering to certain formatting conventions (that most text based chord sheets are written in anyway) Onsong can change keys for you on the fly, as well as other slick things.

But for strictly viewing music, PDF's work fine. You can set them to scroll at the speed you like as well.

For import you can use Itunes, but since I abhor that software I use either an import (from internet) or dropbox.

Mostly I use dropbox. That way I can create a folder in dropbox, drop any pdf, or text file, or whatever format of song I have and open that folder from within Onsong on the ipad and import away.

It's pretty awesome stuff. I followed some of the recommendations here and bought one of those $25 ipad holders that clip onto my music sheet stand, and at this point most of my binders have gone the way of the Dodo.
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