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Default Using OnSong with the iPad Mini

Last weekend I took the plunge and purchased an iPad mini (64 gig) as I've wanted to find something smaller than the full size iPad since I found the full size iPad was just too close in size to my existing MacBook Air and wanted something I could hold with one hand. I've been looking for something to hold and organize songbooks and after reading all the reviews of various products decided to give OnSong a try.

Last night I tried the combo for the first time and was quite impressed how easy it was to see when sitting on a music stand about 2-3 feet away. My 50+ year old eyes need bi-focals for reading and I didn't have any problems at all focusing on the screen even though the type was smaller than normal. I think the added contrast with the lighted screen makes up for the difference in type size between the screen and a printed sheet of 8.5x11" paper.

Software installation and setup was a snap and I had no issued at all getting files into OnSong using either Dropbox or iTunes file sharing. I'm looking forward to exploring all this software has to offer.


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