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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Yes the person I bough the guitar from cut notches in the saddle for some reason. I guess to lower action. I know this is not the way to do it and why I need to replace the saddle.
While it's possible the PO notched the saddle to lower the action, I suspect it was done to increase Taylor's default 2 3/16 string spacing. That would mean the strings were pulled a little bit off of their straight lines from the pin to the nut.

Put a caliper/ruler on the middle of the E and measure to the middle of the e and see how many /16ths you have. If I'm wrong, it will measure 2 3/16 and you'll have to replace the saddle to raise the action. If I'm right, it will measure closer to 2 4/16 (more likely) or even 2 5/16 (less likely, given neck width). If so, to restore higher action, simply loosen the strings a turn, lift them out of the notches so they're sitting on top of the saddle, each in a straight line from the pin to the nut, then retune.

It's possible one or more strings (more likely the ones nearest the center) will be too close to their notches and drop back in with vigorous strumming, in which case you'd have to change the saddle, but giving this a try may buy you some time before doing that, or even eliminate the need to do so.
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