Thread: Want To Buy Or Trade: Cole Clark Angel or Maton
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Default Cole Clark Angel or Maton

Looking for a Cole Clark Angel 2 or 3, or maybe a Maton in the same size.
Have lots to trade.
Let me know what you have, and thanks!

Some trade stock:

Northwood R80-MJ - trade value $1950.
Emerald X10 12 string - trade value $1400
Godin XTSA w/Roland GR20 Synth - trade value $950
G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy w/Lindy Fralin PUs - trade value $1000
Guild Custom Shop Orpheum Jumbo
Breedlove C22 Masterclass
Maton Messiah EM100
Avalon S1-20
Gibson J45 Walnut
Furch G23SR Cut
Larrivee LO3W Custom
Furch D21 SW12
Rainsong DR 6
Orangewood Hugo Live Baritone
Godin Multiac Encore Nylon
Fender Strat Evertune SSS
Fender Strat Evertune HSS
Fender Offset Duo-Sonic HHS
Lightwave Saber Hybrid 5 String
Ibanez SRF 705 5 String Fretless

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