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Originally Posted by El Cheapo View Post
I have an '85 Takamine C132S classical guitar...

It's a beauty with a cedar top, rosewood back and sides, and what appears to be an ebony fretboard. Just wondering what strings I should try on this old girl? I strung it up with some cheapies that I had and played it for a while, but was never thrilled with the tone. Any advice appreciated!!!
Second the Pro Arte strings. Classical strings can normally be purchased in seperate sets for the wound 4, 5, and 6th strings, normally referred to as bass sets. Get the Pro Arte basses and a set of fluorocarbon trebles. If you're concerned with the ability of your instrument to take higher tensions then just purchase the sets in medium tension. Sets are also sold in "hard" tension and you may want to use the lighter tension mediums.
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