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Awesome! Glad you are enjoying it Captain Jim.

It really is quick and easy to record multi tracks and mix. Your demo recording sounded great.

It only gets better as I learn to use the system. I have been experimenting with a few different mics.. Of course, room treatment will come in to play. But it really records clean and not a lot of hiss or noise.

Another cool thing about this setup is how easy it is to export and make available. Once recorded then I have choices to email, send to social media or export file(s). I have been using the Export individual tracks. Then I click on iPad's iCloud (cloud storage).. Once sent to iCloud. I can retrieve and download files to my Win10 system. Bring into DAW for any additional clean up or mixing.

Here's my make shift setup... Just getting started and trying to figure out how to fix up the room. I mostly record acoustic guitar and sing. I have the Audio-Technica AT2035 Condenser and for vocals a Senn e935.

Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
Hi Jake,

Yes, I played around with the app, but there are things not available until you can connect it to the Spire.

UPS came a knockin' around 5:00 this afternoon. Of course, I had to open it up and give it a try. Not ready for public consumption yet (I was messing with it between other tasks), but this is a slick unit... and, it sounds great.

I have a ceiling fan in my music room, and until I could see it graphically, I had no idea that the mic on the Spire was picking up that low hum. I made some sound checks with the guitar acoustically, plugged in, vocal through the inboard mic, bass, and drums... the sound check seems to do a fine job with setting the levels.

I'm impressed! Much easier to use compared to the Zoom H4n Pro. I need to play with the amps and effects to get a feel for their sound.

OK, one take with each track...

I will redo this in the right key for me, but I couldn't believe how easy this was - less than a half hour. This is going to be fun.

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