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Originally Posted by JakeStone View Post

Did you Download the Spire App yet?
Hi Jake,

Yes, I played around with the app, but there are things not available until you can connect it to the Spire.

UPS came a knockin' around 5:00 this afternoon. Of course, I had to open it up and give it a try. Not ready for public consumption yet (I was messing with it between other tasks), but this is a slick unit... and, it sounds great.

I have a ceiling fan in my music room, and until I could see it graphically, I had no idea that the mic on the Spire was picking up that low hum. I made some sound checks with the guitar acoustically, plugged in, vocal through the inboard mic, bass, and drums... the sound check seems to do a fine job with setting the levels.

I'm impressed! Much easier to use compared to the Zoom H4n Pro. I need to play with the amps and effects to get a feel for their sound.

OK, one take with each track...

I will redo this in the right key for me, but I couldn't believe how easy this was - less than a half hour. This is going to be fun.