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Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
Those sound great, Jake! Thanks for posting the clips - it convinced me; I ordered a Spire Studio this morning. Regular ground shipping, so it will probably be a week or so before I see it.

"Simple" and "easy" with decent sound is what I'm looking for. With the Zoom H4n Pro, the recording sounds decent, but it takes a lot of fussing to record with the stereo mics then transfer that to the 4 track. If I put in bass, drums, and vocal tracks, I am out of tracks, without blending down in other software. I am all about easy these days. I don't plan on giving up my day job of being retired to mess with recording. I have been making a catalog of songs at my wife's request. It's a grind being a trophy husband, but it's all I know.

Thanks again for that last push I needed.
Glad I could help