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Default Enjoying the Spire Studio

I have enjoyed recording with the Zoom H2 and also with a Blue Yeti USB mike directly into GarageBand, but my new favorite fun device is the Spire Studio paired with the Spire app on my iPad.

Geez, talk about intuitive and user-friendly. I was always struggling with the H2's tiny info screen, but with the iPad, I can easily see what I'm doing. The whole Spire process is ridiculously straightforward and simple, allowing me to record track after track without getting hung up with settings or details. I can wirelessly export the individual tracks to my Mac for import into GarageBand, where I can do further fine-tuning, although the Spire does have enough built-in effects and mixing features to create a basic multitrack demo. Not cheap at $350, but a lot of bang for the buck.

The Spire has a built-in mike, but I have also been plugging in a second mike in order to capture two "stereo" tracks of guitar, or to record guitar and vocal at the same time. Despite the bleed, I can still adjust each track separately for a better mix.

Not saying all this is achieving professional quality, as I'm not a pro. But sure is a lot of fun and best of all, simple.