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Originally Posted by Ty Ford View Post
Yes to your U 87 adventure and the headroom of the newer model was less than that of the original.

One man's sizzle is another man's bee sting in the ear.

Maybe a little context here. The KM184 was designed when analog tape machines roamed the earth. It was a way of imprinting more HF to tape, because analog tape has HF tape loss.

Even so, when I tried a KM184, the sizzle made everything sound pretty nasty. Having said that, if you have a particularly soft sounding source that you're trying to emphasize, the HF of, the KM184 will do that. Maybe you haven't changed your strings in a year.....OK.

Ty Ford
Try a KM184 with a Drawmer 1960 or a Sebatron VMP at the mid gain stage, or better yet a Manley Voxbox with the Pultec! All these preamps work great with the KM184. Right source, right pre, and the KM184 becomes HIGHLY useable!
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