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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
I don't want to oversell the portable idea, but it is a really good way to get started. On the other hand, there may be benefits to different form factors. For example, the Zoom won't fit in a rack, or sit nicely in a permanent spot on your desk. Little things like that can make a big difference in whether your setup works for you. On the other hand, the Zoom will let you seek out different places to record, in your house, or elsewhere, and the acoustics of the room play a huge role in how successful you may be. So it's a tradeoff. Don't let anyone on the internet talk you into things :-) I just wouldn't dismiss the idea out of hand.
Yep that's exactly what I was thinking of the second time around. Worst case scenario it'll just end up sitting on my desk like any other interface.

Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
I don't know anything about that unit, but it sounds like maybe this means you already have an interface? Try it out.
Yeah, I'm trying to find the drivers for this thing. They don't seem to exist.

Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
If you want a nice, flexible interface that you can buy once and that will grow with you, I'd move your budget up substantially and look at something like an RME Fireface, a UAD Apollo, or on the lower end, an Apogee Quartet (only 4 channels, tho) - just examples, there are lots of these. Add some nice mics, like some mid-tier Audio Technicas, or even Neuman KM184s or equivalent, and now you're closer to gear that you can buy once and be done for life. But this is way beyond your planned budget.
I'd definitely like to have those things, I just can't justify it when I'm not making a penny off of my music (yet! ).

Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
I missed that you said Sonar. That's a very full-featured program, steep learning curve, but is going to have better built-in effects and plugins than reaper, and I think also has much better MIDI support, since you're interested in that. If you get that for free, why not go with that?
I dunno, everyone just seems to like Reaper. But if Sonar is more powerful and provides better quality effects then that's great.

Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
By the way, the 2 big pieces you're missing, as far as I can tell, are monitors, and room treatment. These affect what you hear and what gets recorded, so they're far more important than almost any thing else you're thinking about. Good monitors, especially, can be costly.
I already have monitors (JBL somethings) that I bought to listen to music on, since the consumer market just didn't cut it. I also have high end reference quality headphones, IEMs, and amps too (Sennheiser HD-800, JH Audio JH-16). So my outputs are covered pretty well.

As far as the room goes - it's relatively small, and there are plenty of soft surfaces all around (curtains, carpet, couches) So as far as reflections go I might get lucky. But there is this one Window that is particularly noisy during the day and would limit my recording to nighttime. I don't care for it though, so I was thinking that if it became a problem I could just cover it with foam. Would that work?

Originally Posted by KenW View Post
When it comes to sound, a DAW is a DAW. The deciding factor is how well you know your way around a particular DAW, how it behaves with your system and preferred plugins, and how it adapts to your workflow. I have a friend who is a pro that swears by Sonar. If you already know your way around Sonar, that's a good chunk of the battle already won.

The only thing I might add is just how "free" is it? Most EULA's do not allow for employees to take copies home, even if it is work related, unless the actual license holder buys additional licenses.

I posed this to gearslutz awhile back:
It would actually be given to me by another company that I do business with. It wouldn't be a copy, it would be a full license.

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