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Default "On the Road" cover with Zoom Q3

After a long dry spell, I posted a new video on my Youtube site, this one of Carl Franzen's "On the Road". It's another of John Denver's recordings I fell in love with, and one my kids always loved to hear, despite the fact they didn't like being "on the road". I think that's because they had to wear seatbelts. "Are we there yet?"

"On the Road" is played in dropped D tuning and is being performed on my Hoffman SJ which is run through a Fishman Soloamp. I may turn the volume up a bit next time out.

The video was made with a Zoom Q3 and has decent video quality after I learned that using the digital zoom feature reduces the resolution. The Q3 has a wide angle lens so and the camera was mounted only 44" from the front of the chair. Using headphones or just good speakers, the sound produced by the Q3 is pretty darned good.

For some reason, and unlike videos not made with the Q3, when I link to them on Facebook, the Q3 videos will not show a thumbnail. Weird ...
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