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Martin's custom shop makes a series of "Authentics" that they went to painstaking lengths in every detail to recreate certain vintage models. They did this by studying every single aspect of the vintage model they were trying to replicate. There is an 00-18 Authentic 1931. You should definitely research them.

I have a 00-17 Authentic (shown in my current avatar) and it's a remarkable guitar. Mine had a finish issue (sloppy finish on the bass side of the neck/body join) that they agreed to fix. Unfortunately for me, they took so long to fix it that winter hit by the time it was ready and so I've been waiting for the "weather hold" to lift so they can ship back. It has to be predicted to have lows above 35 degrees for a week along the shipping path for them to ship. So, it will probably be late March or April before it comes back to me.
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