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Default Thinking about a 00-18

If the stock market is good to me, I am thinking of re-living my high school days. A childhood friend had/still has a 1942 Martin 00-18 which I think specs out as having a belly bridge, 14-fret, rear-shifted scalloped bracing, rosewood fingerboard. We used to play back in the old computer room during 6th period. Doubt he'll ever sell it, as he's a player, & has family significance as it was his dad's guitar.

I'd like a guitar that sounds like this vintage Martin (1943 00-18):

Hard & expensive to find a vintage one in good condition.

Is there a luthier who could build a suitable alternative (I might want a different profile neck, closer to my dread)?

I currently have a Musser brazilian dread, so happy enough on the rosewood end of things.

Thanks for any suggestions, in thread or PM. BTW, I'm located in Southern California, though not an issue for where the builder is.
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