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A couple of thoughts here -
Yes, a toddler can put together an intelligible sentence but there is a continuum between that and professional writers' who have a brilliant command of the language and use it to move people to tears. And great writing is about re-writing. So, I noodle around on the guitar all the time and land on things that sound pretty good but it takes a lot of ear training and listening skills to translate that into a moving musical arrangement.
Guitarist Pepe Romero has spoken about how he sometimes spends 30 minutes practicing one note to get the right feel and tone in a particular passage of music he's playing.
I do think that playing with others in a musical conversation certainly can improve one's skills but practice, repetition and deep listening will always be a part of learning and playing music that is worth listening to in my opinion.
If there are short cuts, I sure haven't found them.
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