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For those of you who question my tactics: I had my son-in-law keep those original strings on for the last 7 weeks or so... and helped him switch them to some Elixir Nanowebs, which should be easier on his finger tips. First: build up the calluses, then we'll switch strings. Plus, we are leaving here in 10 days - he needs to know how to change strings. I am pleased with his progress.

Now, regarding the school kids' lessons - here is proof that I am willing to go to any length to keep them fired up about learning to play...

Yes, a grown man playing Taylor Swift. As I have been know to say: it is important to know your audience.


On edit: The "ooouuh-ooouuh"s in that recording are apparently coming from the person doing the video. I won't mention anyone by name, but it is Stephanie (my daughter and their math/science teacher). Apparently she was into it, too.

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