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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
Wow, I see what you mean about the open phones. I didn't notice any bleed through on trial recordings I just did though. Something to keep an eye on, thanks.
It's less of an issue of the player/singer is staring straight into the mic and the sound from the open backs is being projected at a right angle away from the mic. But if the player turns his/her head to look at the fretboard, the mic is now pointing much more directly at the microphone and you'll pick up more bleed.

The Sennheiser DT 770 pro headphones aren't cheap at about $179 but they're very good. They're very comfortable and cup is big enough to fit over the entire ear. I never get any bleed with those.

Something to know about headphones... many of the better sets are available in different ohm ratings. The higher the ohm rating, the more transparent and clear the headphones will be. However, the higher the ohm rating, the more power you'll need to drive the headphones. I had a pair of AKG K240DF that were rated 600 ohms that required me to have the HP volume knob on my interface cranked to full to get a usable level. My DT 700 pair is rated 80 ohm. That's easily handled by just about any interface (for tracking headphones I don't concern myself too much with transparency so long as they're good phones). You might want consider a pair of those or something similar.
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