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Originally Posted by colins View Post
Thanks. I thought it was first nations but I’d missed the text below the image. Love that style and I remember seeing a lot of it when I visited the UBC Museum of Anthropology on my first trip to Canada, many years ago. We have some amazing birds here in Australia but we don’t have the loon…I’ll have to look out for one in North America when we finally get to travel again.
You won't soon forget the call of a loon in the middle of a still night. The same is true of witnessing a loon dancing on the water.

Originally Posted by colins View Post
And there is nothing “loony” about your guitar! Apart from the Nashville tuning it is almost exactly what I would go for if I had another guitar built. For me it would provide a mid-point between the rich bass of my baritone and the trebles of a standard guitar. That’s the great thing about custom build; they allow us to go to such interesting places.
Well, that is the hope
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