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Originally Posted by kirkham13 View Post
This is the first time I've seen this thread. I just want to plug tasmanean blackwood, tremendous sound. I also like adirondack, and think lutz might be a good consideration as well. I'll have to go visit Schoenberg next time I'm on the west coast...
Yeah, I believe Tasmanian blackwood, as a cousin of koa, probably sounds amazing. I just wanted to be careful not to overlap too much with the koa 000-12 I already own.

Originally Posted by billgennaro View Post
I have played that Circa 00-12 (Adi/Koa) at Luthier's Collection a number of times. Each time I do I wonder why I never bought it! What a great guitar. Perhaps the fact that its a non-cutaway 12 fretter that holds me back. I've also played many other John Slobod guitars and, pretty much, every one has been fairly stellar. I'm torn between commissioning a Circa or a Franklin OM for my next guitar. Anyway, best of luck on your new build. You are a very fortunate man to be able to build one guitar after another from such great luthiers. I assume your Brondel was all you had hoped it would be.
That Circa 00-12 koa does look ridiculously nice. I've sound not having upper fret access from a non-cutaway 12 fret isn't super limiting to me. Maybe one in five songs I play requires access that high up the neck. The Brondel is super.
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