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Default Now Accepting Christmas Orders for our Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid 351 Teardrop!

We expect these to be in short supply all the way through the end of the year.

Click this Link & Look for this model at the top of our store page:

There is nothing like this in the industry. Meet Charmed Life Iridescence, the perfect gift for the musician in your life.

THE STORY: For the past few years we've wanted to produce a line of picks that would knock the rest of the industry on their ear. After two years of hard labor, two years of sweat and grime, we achieved the impossible -- the first production guitar pick inlaid with genuine mother-of-pearl. Exclusively from Charmed Life Picks.

What are you looking at? It's our proprietary blood-red artisan casein inlaid with our Shamrock logo in genuine mother-of-pearl.

There's nothing like this pick anywhere in the industry. We're the only ones.

-- Price: $99.00
-- 2.0 mm thick
-- standard Fender 351 teardrop shape
-- each pick has its own serial number
-- free gift box
-- free shipping

Thanks for Looking.

Celebrating Six Years in Business!

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