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Originally Posted by jdinco View Post
Isn't that the truth! I'll go weeks without playing the X20, then when I makes my heart, ears, fingers, and belly (from the rumble) happy too. Pretty special to me.
The only time I go weeks without playing the X20 is when we're away from home and it has stayed behind.

The X20 is my favorite for a pure acoustic sound.

I got my guitar room set up again, including the Play Acoustic, which TC Helicon said they "couldn't duplicate the problem"... interestingly enough, it is not cutting out. They must have done a factory reset on it, because all the guitar tones and harmonies I had set up on it were gone. It took me an hour or so to fuss with it and get it set up for what I like. I used my X20 through all of that. It is a fine line between too much and too little on the vocal harmonies. When I have a guitar tone I like, I set that for global and then make adjustments on each guitar instead of getting into the menues on the Play Acoustic again.

Just as an observation, the X10 (level 2 pickups) gives me plenty of plugged in options, but the X7 with the B-Band still just sounds great plugged in; that little guitar makes me smile.

With other moving back in stuff to do, I will get the Spire Studio going again tomorrow; I'm looking forward to swapping some files with my keyboard playing friend.

My wife came in while I was messing with stuff and asked, "How's it going? You need a couple more guitar holders on the wall. I will fill holes and repaint if you're OK with making space for a couple more on the wall."

Yes, really. She likes having a project. Probably why she agreed to marry me all those years ago.