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Home! Four driving days, but I did pull the X10 out a time or two once we were settled in for the evening.

We rolled onto our island and had the motorhome parked by the house at 3:00 this afternoon... mostly unloaded by 6:00. We always say, "Let's not be crazy about unloading..." but we always are. On the bright side, I left one guitar out while we were gone: the X7. I took a "3 song break" from carting stuff and played that great little guitar. Love it! Rufus loves it. In between carting stuff, the Blonde applauded... and said, "You are a happy boy, aren't ya?" Yep. In another day or two, I'll get some more guitars out... although the X10 and the Yamaha Silent Guitar are on the wall, already. I did miss having the variety while we were out.

Once we get the motorhome cleaned up and put away, I will have more time to get my guitar room set back up. Right now, I feel like I need a break.

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