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Truss rods affect the bow of a limited area of the neck - sometimes nut to 9th fret, sometimes only 2nd fret to 9th fret.

It is common for Martin style guitars to have a hump where the fingerboard crosses onto the body. Some manufacturers do better mitigating this than others. Some Martins are absolutely fine, others are more troublesome. The hump, if not extreme (85% of the time) can be corrected by skilful fretwork. But it is not basic fretwork. Ideally, the WHOLE fingerboard should show the same bow, and even better is to have slightly more bow on the bass side than the treble. Hence, 15" straight fret levelling bars that stew-mac and others sell will never yield an ideal result, where the neck/fingerboard bow is contiguous from 1st fret to last.

If I understand correctly from your description, your fingerboard will be improved by some careful fret-work to lower the hump. But as I mentioned in a reply to another question of yours, it is difficult to make conclusive determinations via just a few words on the internet.

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