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Default Furch G23CRC Sympathetic buzz maybe?


Just joined this forum to see if someone can shed light on my problem. I bought a Furch G23CRC Elite after playing the standard in a shop and preferring to Martins I had been eyeing up.

In the end I found a much better deal for the Elite online on 0% interest so got that (aged wood and better looks better in my opinion).

Anyway, first they sent the standard and then I had to wait 3 months to get one from Chzech. When I got it, despite the dealer promising free setup, there was no way it was. The action as so high it was almost unplayable. With a toddler and new born to care to, the little time I had, I stuck to playing my 100 quid Cort, that actually played a lot better.

A year later and I found myself a little free time to play my Furch. I found a 3/4 turn of the truss rod fixed the action and it plays and sounds great. Accept for one iggley annoyance. I'm not sure if it happened before I adjusted the truss as I hardly played it and not as thorough as I have recently.

So, the open g string vibrates with a horrid buzz but only if you are holding down 10th fret on the A string (g) and 11 fret on E (E flat) string, and then it will only buzz if you play on either of the g notes (the open g or 10 fret A). For a while I could also reproduce it D string 5th fret g with other strings held down but that seems to have stopped.

I am not even sure exactly where the buzz is coming from? And it only buzzes under those circumstances.

Any ideas greatly appreciated

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