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Dennis, sleep is rarely a problem for this camper. LOL.

Of course, USPS made me look like the fool I am and actually delivered "Colonel Steve" yesterday, 3/31. Naturally, I cut my finger on the paper stuffing unboxing it. Oh, great, brand new guitar and I'm either going to bleed all over the strings or torture myself and not play it. Fortunately, though it was bleeding a fair bit, paper cuts clot quickly and my torture only lasted 30 minutes.

While I certainly need to spend more time with it, it appears to be everything I hoped it would be:

Playability is excellent. I had never even held a multi-fret guitar. You cannot even tell. It just feels perfectly natural. This is also my first 14-fret join. And Ben set the action to match my Doerr, which is my favorite guitar to date by a long shot.

Tone. It sounds fantastic. It produces a surprising amount of bass from a 14" guitar and yet is not boomy. The trebles are very clear. Very balanced.

Aesthetics. It's absolutely stunning in person and checks all the boxes for me aesthetically.

Build Execution. It's a Wilborn, what else do I need to say? ;-) Seriously, given that Ben replaced the back and you cannot tell, is wonderful. It's so well matched.

I would also like to point out that the Schertler tuners are silky smooth and a joy to use. Highly, highly recommended.

Thanks to everyone who shared in this journey with me. I probably need to sell one guitar to get down to three. Note to other newbies: buy the largest guitar stand so that if your wife says, "Why don't you limit it to three guitars since that is what the stand holds?", you don't immediately regret not buying the five guitar version. LOL.
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