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When I was in my twenties I worked with an old guy- he was REALLY OLD, like 50 or so-
and a couple times a day he would say:
“This reminds me of the time ... ... “
and off he would go with a story.
And most the time, they were good ones.
Here’s one of those:

In his younger day he did home delivery of some product I cannot recall, that required the home owner pay him in cash on the spot.
He’d come back with hundreds of dollars to be turned in at the end of his shift, usually $20-$30 from each of a couple dozen customers each day.

One day he was payed- by a little old lady incidentally- with what he called “some bogus bills”.
As she layed out the cash, he saw “a couple bills that didn’t look right”, but was reluctant to call her out as she was a regular customer who, he figured, had unknowingly been stuck with this “counterfeit paper”.
The ink was darker, and the engraving looked “off” somehow.
He was actually quite curious as he had never seen counterfeit money before, and figured the company could better absorb the loss than the little old lady.

Turns out, she was digging into her reserves.. her personal stash of old money she’d squirreled away.. and was paying in “Silver Certificates” from the 1920’s and 1930’s.
Yep, she was pulling out un-circulated Silver Certificates from a shoebox under the bed.

Things aren’t always what they seem.

As he told the story, he wished he’d had the insight, and the cash himself, to swap out those bills and hang onto them, but he simply couldn’t afford to do that at the time.
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