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Originally Posted by frankmcr View Post
I don't think the $100 thing is common knowledge. I wouldn't blame the cashier. I would blame the corporate MBA genius who decided they shouldn't waste time (and time is money!) on training cashiers to do anything but scan barcodes and say "Haveaniceday, next".

And they pass the savings on to you!
Cashier is a history of low pay for a job that requires skills many do not possess. Good ones and training are as much a challenge for a little business as it is for a large one.

I do not believe there are many corporate firms that do not have a considerable effort for training cashiers. It's a high penalty for failure job. It's an important spot for where customers get an impression of the business. It's also a job where every merchant has a compliance issue - PCI DSS.

My opinions on people in service jobs poor perceptions of them comes from starting out in rust belt industry and ending up in high tech and operations. A few decades ago the US had a lot more people hidden from the public doing low skill factory work. Now people who might have done stuff like spray paint on a metal part or bolt that metal part to a machine have to face customers selling them spray paint or a fastener and it's just not an ideal job for their personality and/or natural skill set.

I share a conference room where new cashiers get training. Even higher wages and benefits for part-time workers still give the trainers batches of new employees who just don't cut it. No more drug screening except for accidents has helped a bit but it remains hard to get cashiers and good ones.

Most people have the perfect option for payment to be fast and to best address the crime part tied to this topic. That includes your own protection. Just use the contactless payment most phones, many cards and most smart watches have. As an example, Apple Pay is faster than a chip reader process and better yet doesn't even give your card number to the merchant.
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