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Originally Posted by Murphy Slaw View Post
That was what was entertaining to me. I wasn't mad although I WAS behind the guy with the BIG bill.

This wasn't at a small Mom and Pop store, where a hundred dollars could be a big deal. This was at WALMART.

And with the Christmas rush on, there were MANY people behind us moaning because it was taking so long. With only half of the checkouts open, as usual, and lines as long as you will ever see it was almost a scene.

And then the guy who approved it was about my age, just smiled at us and that was it. The bill wasn't checked with one of those "pens" or anything, he just knew the old ones didn't have the strip, or the watermark and that was it. And she was embarrassed because she simply wasn't trained to be a cashier.

I gave her a hundred too, but mine was newer.....
But do you know the difference between a good counterfeit $100 bill and one that isn't? I know what old bills look like, but I don't know the difference without checking somehow.
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