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Originally Posted by RockyRacc00n View Post
The basic rule I am familiar with is, get it as low as you can without it buzzing when strummed as normally played.
That is generally correct, and the action you have would not tolerate what I would consider normal playing without buzzing.

Originally Posted by RockyRacc00n View Post
You said the D18 wasn’t designed for this low of an action. I wonder what you mean by that.
Let's ignore any tonal considerations and just look at the geometry. Martin expects a higher action, so bridge height, saddle height, and neck angle are chosen collectively to meet a particular action height. Someone who wants a very low action would need the neck set at a steeper angle to accomplish than, while maintaining the bridge and saddle height. Someone who wants a very high action would need to do the opposite. Martin (or any manufacturer) would generally choose a middle-of-the-road setup as their default.

If you set this action up closer to 0.090" low E and 0.070" high E, you'd have a much more reasonable looking saddle. And I'm making a leap here and accepting that the relief is more or less correct. Relief should not be used to adjust the action, but it does affect it.

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