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I can't tell you about Taylor's small body guitars, but I have a '95 910 and it is a very sweet guitar. It's got a glued in neck and a traditional nut width of 1-11/16" with about the same narrow profile depth as latter day Taylors. Even though it is 26 years old now there is no sign of needed a neck reset or any other work needing be done.

I'm gigging more bass these days, have two other Taylors a Martin and a bunch of others, so will probably want to sell one of them. If anyone is interested in the 910 we can talk. It would be great for someone wanting a Taylor but the 1.75" nut width might be a bit too wide for them. I also have a 2011 614CE that covers a lot of the ground that my 814ceDLX does... or is it the other way around . All of my guitars are in excellent+ to near mint condition.
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