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Originally Posted by dwasifar View Post
In defense of packing peanuts:

Packing peanuts are the quintessential reusable packing product. They don't break down, they don't contaminate the packed item. They are inert, durable, and can be reused over and over and over. Bubble wrap and bagged air can also be reused, of course, but peanuts protect better than bagged air, and bubble wrap gets damaged when it's cut and taped around a product. Packing peanuts do not have those drawbacks.
The packing peanuts made of plant cellulose have all these advantages PLUS they are biodegradable when they are not recycled. A much better choice.

The “could be recycled” argument is a road to ruin. Estimates suggest that the weight of the plastic in the oceans will exceed the weight of all the fish in the oceans by 2050. Yes, they are just estimates, but they seem to be based on reasonable assumptions; just the fact that there is even a remote chance this is true is very upsetting. How long have plastics been in wide use? Maybe 60 years?

We need to demand more sensible packing and packaging if we hope to leave our grandchildren and their children a planet that is anywhere near as bountiful and beautiful as the one that has nourished us, physically and spiritually.
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