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Originally Posted by Tannin View Post
Peanuts ain't peanuts. There are two sorts.

One sort is made out of expanded polystyrene foam. It is about as nasty a packing material as you can get. It is made from fossil fuels, it is a greenhouse emitter, you can't compost it, can't recycle it, and there is no way to get rid of the darn stuff. Avoid it like poison. Well, it is poison once it gets into the soil and the waterways. Just say no.

The other sort of peanut is made from vegetable material, usually rice. It is recyclable, compostable, and bio-degradable, and every bit as effective for protecting goods in transit. You can even eat it!

(I don't recommend eating it, it is not prepared with food-grade hygene practices and may or may not contain unwanted additives, but yes, I have tried eating one or two and I'm here to tell the tale.)
NO MORE PACKING PEANUTS!!! The polystyrene ones are environmentally NASTY, and there are MANY excellent alternatives that are much better to and for the environment.

I understand that some folks are so stuck in doing exactly what they want regardless of the impact on others and on the environment. Im not addressing this post to them.
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