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Originally Posted by awchiu View Post

With my current MadRose/German build with Bruce Sexauer, we ended up with an unconventional end graft such that the lines flow into each other.
It looks more like one continuous piece of wood, and I love it.

Of course, if the lines were horizontal and straight, then it doesn't matter.

For this particular piece of wood, would you prefer it with flowing lines (as in the photo), or the standard bookmatched end graft in which the lines would form a V-shape at the butt?
Iíll be interested to see what Bruce does with the end seam as my guess is he is going to try to blend or minimize it to maintain the flowing aesthetic. Looking forward to seeing the final finish. I think bookmatched works better if you have a more distinctive end graft or larger end graft.

But of course...............YMMV
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