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Originally Posted by awchiu View Post
It was cut this way accidentally. I was shown a demo of the graft below. At the time, the lines and colors didn't match up so well.

Bruce offered to abandon these sides and start anew with another set. But I really didn't want to waste a precious piece of MadRose and I do like flowing lines idea, so I insisted to continue. After the sides are installed and touched up, I was stunned by how well the lines and colors matched up! So at the end, I'm rewarded with a beautiful end graft and a nice story to tell =)
I have to admit to a little confusion here. I too like the choice of leaving it and actually like it a lot this way, but when you say "I'm rewarded with a beautiful end graft" I get confused. There is no end graft as it is right now the way I understand it, the end graft would be another piece of wood inlayed over the joint where the sides meet there in any shape imaginable and usually bound with the same purfling as the center strip on the back.

So are you trying to say you are leaving it as is with no additional graft? Sorry for my confusion.
PS. I love guitars!
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