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Default My first stereo recording - The Sleeping Tune

Hi everyone,

This thread is quickly derailing towards my recording journey, but I figured it could be interesting to track the build up from the (basic) Iphone recordings I first shared upon reception of the guitar.

I just took delivery of my second M300 (non matched pair bought separately on the used market), and this is my first ever stereo recording. I've been told it would "open" the sound considerably compared to mono, but I wasn't expecting such a drastic change. I am really happy I took the plunge because the outcome is quite motivating, and closing in on what I had in my head.

This tune should be familiar to most of you, and it is a favorite of mine. That time around I play it without capo, with a few imperfections along the way. But I am satisfied enough to share with you all, and hopefully gather feedback from the recording experts out there. This goes into Apogee into Reaper, and I haven't added any EQ or reverb.

You might also notice the guitar's tone improvement, especially the trebles that sound more full and resonant. There is also that sweetness that Steve mentioned earlier from Will's recordings. Small caveat, I know it's not an apple to apple comparison since I was recording on an Iphone and doing string experimentation.. But still noticeable for me.
In any case, one month in I am just over the moon with the tone. I will experiment with mic placement and might post a couple more tunes in the weeks to come.

As always, thanks for taking the time to listen. I know videos are more engaging, but I still don't know how to do it


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