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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post

One place people talk about using it - maybe this is what you mean - is for percussive guitar. Certainly you can use limiting to reduce peaks caused by hitting the guitar. But a while back when I interviewed Andy McKee for an article, one of the things that impressed me was his dynamic control - he sounded in person exactly like his records. His loud stuff (hitting the guitar) was relatively quiet. His "quiet" stuff - harmonics, tapped notes, etc were nearly as loud as picked notes. So on my recordings of him, I didn't have to do anything special to make him sound balanced. He did it with his fingers. Jon Gomm talks a lot about this same thing in one of his instruction videos. If the performance is right, you don't have to "fix it in the mix".
That’s what inspires me about you, Andy McKee and what I mentioned above about Michael Watts. You all seem to be in pursuit of a recording that requires little to no post processing because the front end is done with commitment to a really good signal chain (great mics, good room, good mic pre, and most importantly a great player who knows how to control his dynamics).
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