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Default Two questions regarding spaced pairs and compression

Would appreciate any feedback here.

First topic - Read a UAD blog on solo acoustic mic placements. In spaced pair suggestions, they used an SDC for the front mic (pointed at the neck junction) and an LDC for the mic pointed at the bridge section of the lower bout. Would they use the LDC because the cardioid pattern would be larger (than the SDC) to cover the larger area of the lower body of the guitar? Last night I did some recording using a KM184 for the front and a Rode NT1A for the body and it sounded quite nice.

Second topic - Compression used specifically for solo acoustic guitar recording. From what I have gathered from articles and videos, you should not need it if you get a good raw recording. The last few weeks Iíve been using two KM184ís for recording and played around with mixing the tracks through a Focusrite compressor plug-in and the effects seem to be very subtle at best. If the recording is relatively balanced, it seems like compression is not really needed.

Thanks again!
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