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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
There is an option where pics can come directly from my computer? Probably not a great one, if it exists, as I generally turn my WiFi connection off after hours. I have great trepidation re changing my protocol from http to https as I have about 500 pages in my website, and that looks like a lot of work . . . even if I knew how to do it, which I have no idea of. I have looked into a slicker web presentation, but it usually involve a third party for editing, and since I update my site quite often, this option has little appeal.
Well, you have been posting them the same all along and previously Chrome loaded them just fine, but recently it decided it did not like them and at least one other using the same format. I have the computer jargon that I could share here as to why, but there is not point. The above changes to Chrome as described by Nico work.

I don't think you should change anything, but those wanting to see your pics directly will either need to do the above work around or use another browser like Firefox for example.
PS. I love guitars!
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