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Originally Posted by kramster View Post
The way I found these guitars... The girl, Tiphaine, was behind me in a burger line ( everyone always checks out each others tags at NAMM ... its' what we do) and saw she was from France with a guitar company... chatted a few minutes and then I got my edibles and found a seat... a few minutes later seats were taken everywhere except at my table... I waved here over. Oui talked a lil and then I asked if she would pose with the RainSongs... she jumped at this amazing opportunity... no wait..or was it... she was hesitant and I had to talk her into it... let's go with first scenario ... any way we shot a few. She went back to her booth.

I figured she was nice enough to pose so I went over to her booth and low and behold, did my eyes deceive me, can this be real, is this fate?? Their guitars were these cool CF electrics!! Groovy!

Really nice people with accents that sounded so real. Took some photos, which for me is outa character I know. Got her to pose with Journey things next day after some pizza at only $6 a slice, so you know it was good at that price.

I'm sticking with this story for now
Sounds as if you had a great time out there.

Dodge the little COVIDs...
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