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Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
Have you tried varying the distance from the mic? I find that makes a difference in the tone with the Spire. If you feel the volume is too low by moving away, you can raise the level manually after you do the SoundCheck.
Thanks Jim, I have been keeping it about 18" from the guitar, more toward the neck than the body. I guess I'm wondering if moving farther away would get too much of the sound of the room (for lack of better description) in the recording quality? I'm guessing the best solution when using my mics would be to run them through a small mixer to EQ before plugging them into the Spire. Just trying to keep the whole operation as simple as possible...... But I will definitely try moving away from the unit a bit and see if that makes a difference. Again, my whole goal here is to be able to deliver sound files to my guitar students that sound good overall, just not necessarily "studio quality" if that makes sense. I really appreciate your expertise in using this device, I am loving the learning process!

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