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Originally Posted by LemonCats View Post

What would i search to find this type of file? Its a rasp file i guess but to get this specific shape is there a name for it? Like a flat rasp, square rasp, coarse file, etc?

I live in the US
I just need a cheap one to do this exact thing in the picture (Shave down the extra wood around the strings on a saddle) The saddle is resting on a very fragile cone so I would of used sand paper but id rather use a super coarse file like this and let the weight and coarseness of the file do the work
Your question cannot be answered properly on this forum due to the common name for a coarse 12" file which I was taught in my metalwork lessons in school and seems to be conflated as a "rude" word - it isn't of course unless used as an insult.
It is a generally acceptable term for illegitimacy in the UK and Commonwealth countries, but in earlier times also simply meant coarse - and this is a coarse cut file.
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