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Hi Ken! This has been my search since I started buying CF guitars!

I started with a Blackbird Nylon Rider. Then a 1 7/8" Blackbird Super OM. Then I moved to a pair of custom Blackbird Lucky 13s with 2" nuts (nylon and steel). I just couldn't bond with Blackbird. I sold them all.

I then tried a few standard Rainsongs. I loved them, but I realized I HAD to have a 1 7/8" nut.

I then bought a 1 7/8" Emerald traditional dread. LOVED it! But after a few years, I realized I wanted something smaller and I REALLY wanted Emerald's beautiful new now I have 2 Emerald x10s with Amara Ebony tops (nylon and steel). Both 1 7/8" nuts. They are my keepers. I love everything about them.

Good luck!!
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